The Snibston Ladybird

Hello and welcome to The Snibston Ladybird


Here are a few pictu3res of The Snibston wrapped in a vinyl wrap. To make it look like a ladybird with the spare wheel cover as the face to the teardrop.5

We can wrap it in any colour or style of your choosing, weather it be to match you car or motorbike or to just stand out from the crowd. It turns so many heads driving down the road with one of these on the back you just cant help smiling.

  • High quality carpet and a solid colour wall covering of your choice.
  • Floor has 40mm of insulation.
  • All walls are also insulated.
  • Spare wheel.
  • Wheel cover with eyes and nose.
  • Locking towing hitch.
  • Both Snibston Ladybird doors are lockable.
  • Two adjustable rear jacks.
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel

There are two windows on one side and two doors on the opposite side. This makes it impossible to see into the Snibston Ladybird. 2

If you have alternate specifications to our design regarding doors and windows please contact us as we can fit any combination of doors and windows.


The price for The Snibston Ladybird is £5200

All prices shown are the price you pay no hidden costs (unless any alterations are required)

Prices may vary on the personal design changes and vinyls required so please contact us for the latest price on colour, pattern of design choices.

Snibston Ladybird not just for the warm weather
The Snibston Ladybird is not just for the warm weather

Whats a little bit of snow when you can snuggle up to a loved one. The Snibston Ladybird is happy keeping you warm be it in the Scotish highlands or on the South Downs National Park. Be it in the depths of winter or on a warm summers day.

We have been away in the months of August with wind and rain pelting down. Next morning topic of conversation on the camp site was how cold it was people in caravans and in tents, my wife was only to happy to tell them all “Well I normally feel the cold, but I wasn’t cold last night at all”

Who said Ladybirds dont like the cold. . .Inside shes as warm as toast
Who said ladybirds dont like the cold. . . .Inside shes as warm as toast

Taking the Lady. . .bird shopping

Late night shopping in Derby on the way to Matlock Bath for our first night out in the Ladybird.

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