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Other Products

Security posts

A post that will be concreted into the ground with a locking mechanism that will allow its removal but not just but the ball on the top is 50mm the same as your trailer hitch so you will be locking the post to the ground and the trailer locked to the post.

Portage Trolleys

After lifting your boat out of the water put it on one of our portage trolleys no 100_0288100_0285matter how far you have to travel from your trailer to the water and back you will make light work of it. Also you can do it alone with such ease.

Boat stands20121218_134936

We pay a lot of money for canoes kayaks and we just put them on the concrete or gravel. Time trials or races can be won or lost on a few scratches on the underside of your boat. £25 each or £40 a pair.

Dive Bottle Trolleys / Folding Trolleys

Small collapsible trolley with pneumatic tyres in black powder coating. Their main purpose is to carry dive bottles but are also ideal as boat yard trolleys, they can carry jerry cans, gas bottles, or any other heavy or bulky items. These are surplus stock item so may have some storage damage. £50 each limited stock left.

Bespoke trailers for you because only you know what you need – be it canoeing, kayaking or just a bit of glamping in a teardrop caravan…..