Canoe Kayak Trailers

Canoe Kayak Trailers

We have been building canoe trailers for over 15 years and some of the photos will show this. The car in the photo is not around but the trailer is. Our range is from the simple box trailer which can carry one or two canoes or kayaks. All the way up to an 8 canoe  or 16 kayak carrying trailers.

8 boat canoe trailer view from front
Front view of trailer showing ample room between canoes and plenty of width on the boat trees.


8 Boat canoe trailer empty
All canoes packed away, light board retracted, off home after winning all the trophies. 😎

8 Boat canoe trailer showing light board extended

8 boat canoe trailer loaded with canoes
Fully loaded with 8 16 and 17 foot canoes and still room for longer canoes if required
Archive picture showing how the simple design has and is working for us over the years
Trailus 6 boat canoe trailer
8 boat canoe trailer side view plus bike rack
A view of the bike rack under the canoes

Yester year showing the design has not really changed that much. The design does not allow the harmonics of the trailer to cause stress fractures.




8 boat canoe trailer without bike rack. rear bumper not fitted at this point
Simple design with great strength. Four stainless steel bolts hold each mudguard. Plus all trees have strengthened impacted resistant tubing. To protect your canoes or kayaks.


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