About Us

We have over 20 years experience in trailer design and fabrication. From small box trailers to large articulated trailers and beyond into speciality trailers. We have several generations of welding and fabrication experience. Also the prototyping of many products from radioactive source flasks to knitting machinery and production line fabrications. From hand rails to hospitals and medical surgery bespoke work. All fabricated to current building regulations.

We only use to produce trailers to order because of the space the finished product occupies. But as we speak we are moving into producing a whole new range of trailers designed and built by ourselves.

Our aim is to build a product as close to 100% British built as possible. And I say as possible because so much of our industry is moving to China. Where lights and suspension units can be purchased at a much lower cost. Unfortunately because the cost is so low the products don’t always meet spec in the UK. For example MHT Development where a lot of the manufacturing know how has come from had an order to supply student bed frames. This order was lost to foreign competition. BUT they won the order to repair the beds as they kept breaking. Point being is the bed that were supplied in previous years by MHT Development did not break.

Also our aim is to keep costs low and profits to a minimum. Our name means something to us as does our reputation. So it is more important to us that you are happy . We want to be as close to perfection as possible and with your help and input  we hope to achieve this. Being self employed does not mean you don’t have a boss it means every customer is your boss, this is why we value your input. If you think we could improve our service or any of our products in anyway then please spend a few minutes in sending in your comments.

Wat u Want is offering a hugh assortment of items tools 18v 110v 240v Bosch Makita Dewalt new, used and for parts only.