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The Snibston teardrop


Range Rover Sport followed closely behind by a Snibston Ladybird

This is our new trailer known at The Snibston – it is aimed at a broad range of people…..

First group –  if you only have a very small drive or not much room on your drive The Snibston will tuck into the smallest of gaps.

Second group who only have a small car this can be legally towed by Smart cars. The Vauxhall’s smallest car at the moment is the Agila which can tow 200kg. Ford’s Ka could tow it BUT unfortunately if you have a Ka you probably know you cannot buy a type approved tow bar for this vehicle.

Third group is the active person who doesn’t even have time to eat, so they load The Snibston up Thursday evening so when they finish work on Friday their kit is all ready and in winter when its dark there’s no messing about they straight off to the cliffs lakes or wherever their next expedition is taking them.

The fourth group are people who need a trailer that can do more than one job and do them all well. The Snibston can carry last month’s computer to the tip or pick up the feed for the chickens, etc.

Because the door openings are designed to be at dining chair seat height it’s comfortable to sit and load/unload from both doors. Unlike some that only have a rear door which means you have to climb in, in a crouching position.

The last group and probably the most important is the price. No other Pod Teardrop or Mini caravan is at this moment in time as low in price as The Snibston. This is excluding ones built at home where time and overheads are not a factor.

Below are some interior views of the Snibston.

A customer checking out his new Snibston











Our pricing for all our products include VAT and there are no hidden extra charges.

Dimensions External

Length   2640 mm
Width    1260  mm
Height   1500  mm

Dimensions Internal


  1. Length   1980 mm
  2. Width    1160 mm
  3. Height   980 mm

Weight  150kg

  •  Thick high quality automotive carpet
  • Quality fabric lined walls and roof
  • Insulated headlining
  • Over 40mm floor insulation
  • Plus added insulation and comfort offered with 10mm of underlay
  • Spare wheel and tyre (you don’t always get this with cars now)
  • NEW! Spare wheel cover offered.
  • A solid colour of your choice from our colour chips
  • Floor vent and one side vent
  • Also includes two doors locks and keys
  • Two smoke tinted windows
  • It comes with galvanized chassis
  • NEW! We now offer full vinyl wrap in colours and textures of your choice.
  • Last but not least is a 2 year warranty. *

Logos applied





The total price for a base model  Snibston is £2495


With any of these small teardrop caravans hardtents pods what ever you want to call them there is a need for insulation. It works like a thermos flask keeping hot things hot and cold things cold. Keeping you warm on the coldest of days and  keeping the bulk of the summer heat out.

Logos just applied


We also offer a delivery service at an additional cost please contact us for a quote.

  • Please Note This does not included general wear and tear items such as bulbs tyres bearing etc. or any through miss use.

Bespoke trailers for you because only you know what you need – be it canoeing, kayaking or just a bit of glamping in a teardrop caravan…..