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Snibston Accessories


Coleman Galileo

Dimensions: 325 x 260 cm
Headroom: 180 cm
Pack Size: 63 x 21 x 21 cm
Weight: 7.7kg

Fabric Polyester: Taffetta 68D
Poles: Fiberglass
It all packs up into a handy carry bag

The Price for the Coleman tent is £120


Vango Aura 300 & 400

The whole of the Vango Aura range fits onto the Snibston. So if your needs should change over the years to come, say and increase in the size of your family then just sell your Vango Aura 400 and move up to the Vango Aura 800. Because this configuration fits with no alteration unlike some awnings you would mean you could buy new or old large or small as your ownership of your Snibston changes.
The prices for the Vango Aura start from £150trailus-snibston-with-aweing-fitted
Please Note:
Many of the Vango tents with a front porch and a double entrance will fit onto the Snibston Teardrop with no alterations, such as the Dunkeld Langley and many other tents. This means it would be possible to extend the sleeping capacity up to over 7 people.









Fitted Storage units

One or two storage units can be fitted along with a shelving unit fitted below the windows.

Dual storage and shelving


 240v hook up and 3.1 amp USB point

A 240v hook is also available on the Snibston with one or two double gang sockets, these can also carry dual 3.1amp USB points if required.

Double sockets with dual 3.1 A USB sockets also fitted
Double sockets with dual 3.1 A USB sockets also fitted









Please note The 240v  hook will require the purchase of at least on storage unit to house the consumer unit.

Clothes rail

We have been asked so many time for a clothes rail to be fitted into the apex of the roof space we have now decided to add this to our accessories.

Please see picture above for clothes rail


Please also view our Bagworth Bollard. A heavy duty security post that offers that extra level of security for your Snibston. Your Snibston can be locked onto the 50mm ball on the top of the Bagworth Bollard and also locks into a ground anchor.

Bespoke trailers for you because only you know what you need – be it canoeing, kayaking or just a bit of glamping in a teardrop caravan…..